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Gingham Scream

Gingham Scream

20 x 16 inches

Printed on matte fine art paper

Titled and signed Allow 6-10 days for S+H. Bundled shipping rates available when buying multiple prints. Fees will be refunded after checkout.


About the painting


Gingham Scream

is the largest of many scream paintings I've made over the years. The series started during an artist residency in LA, during which I painted film scenes and could only dream of one day living 7.1 miles from Universal Citywalk.


I love the scream paintings. They are dramatic, colorful, and the only portraits in my portfolio. I think they're funny, if a bit on the nose, doubling as a reference to the film and Edvard Munch's iconic painting.



Munch is one of my all time favorite painters and his archive is worth checking out. I recently learned that the coloroing of the sky in The Scream was impacted by the eruption of a volcano in Indonesia, which turned European skys a hazy red hue.



The original painting was made in 2017. It is painted with acrylic on a gingham printed nylon and has dimensions of 42 x 54 inches.

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