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Sunken Forest, Moody Dusk Print
  • Sunken Forest, Moody Dusk Print

    20 x 16 inches

    Printed on matte fine art paper

    Titled and signed


    Allow 6-10 days for S+H. Bundled shipping rates available when buying multiple prints. Fees will be refunded after checkout.


    Recommended frame - Hovsta by Ikea

    • About the painting

      Sunken Forest, Moody Dusk depicts an ocean view from the Sunken Forest on Fire Island. The forest is made up of holly and sassafras trees that grow only as tall as the sand dunes surrounding them. The effect is a heavy canopy shrouding a deep and hidden area of the island. 


      This painting is pulled from a period in 2017 when I visited Fire Island in early November. The winter brings dramatic light to island, especially as the sun is rising and setting. I went to the island seeking peace during a particularly painful point as a lost baby gay. It was a harsh and lonely place to be, which is probably why this painting is so moody. 


      I love Fire Island, but it doesn't always provide safety or solitude. Nature isn't a safehaven. It is wild and you can't contain it, and there's something comforting about that. 


      The original painting was started in 2017 and completed in 2022. It is painted with acrylic and has dimensions of 80 x 64 inches. 

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